California Gold

I began my assignment as Regional Pastor of Central California in September of 2017. In my hiring process, I stated my observation that we had rich resources in our Region, but those same resources largely weren’t reinvested back into the Region. We had numerous talents, but it appeared they were deeply invested in their own churches, but buried, or at best, placed in the bank as far as the Region was concerned.

As I began to visit Pastors I took my wife and two girls along with me and spent time around the table. We swapped stories of coming to Jesus, shared about ministry breakthroughs and challenges, and through it all I listened. I listened for stories to celebrate, ideas to cheer, and faith to applaud. I was always in awe of all the golden, untold opportunities that were happening across our Region.

As we would say goodbye I would ask if I could shoot a quick video about that idea or story I thought needed to be told. Using my iPhone and a tripod I would capture a short clip of the two of us. I would do an introduction and a little context for what we had been doing. Then I would introduce the story, handing it over for the Pastor to share the gold in his or her own words. As they concluded I would wrap up the video by framing it around the “taking back what hell has stolen” language.

To date, we have produced eighteen videos and have plans to continue to produce more. You can find them in the “videos” section on our Facebook page, archived on our website, and our YouTube channel. They are short enough to share on social media, but substantive enough to showcase them at important venues. Like Huell Howswer, I’m showcasing California’s Gold; one visit at a time.

Michael Guzman